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Month: September 2013

Provincial Nominee Immigration

The Provincial Nominee program is one of the many immigration programs made available for permanent residency in Canada. This immigration program allows the individual provinces to select people to immigrate. If a province or territory recognizes it lacks one type of worker then it can help those workers immigrate to Canada. A person applies for …

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National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0

People whose skills sets match those outlined in the National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0 can often apply for immigration to Canada though several different kinds of programs. These programs grant Permanent Residency to qualified applicants. Permanent Residency is an immigration status that allows a foreign national to live and work within Canada indefinitely. Permanent …

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Transferring Credentials for Immigration

Many immigration options in Canada require certain qualifications and Canada has specific rules for having them recognized. The Foreign Credentials Referral Office is the governmental department that helps to translate the skills and qualifications earned in other countries to something that can be easily understood and matched to a position in Canada. This is a …

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