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Is there a Canadian Green Card?

Permanent Resident CardCanada does not have a Green Card per se. The Green Card is an immigration document that is specific to the United States. In Canada, the equivalent Document is called a Permanent Resident Card.

Immigration documents are often casually called Green Cards because that document has so much cultural importance in the United States. However, every country has their own version of a Permanent Resident Card.

For example, in Europe, there is a similar immigration document called a Blue Card.

Canadian PR Card

The Canadian Permanent Resident Card is often abbreviated to the PR Card.

This document is the immigration form that shows that an immigrant has the right to live and work in Canada.

There are many different ways to get a Permanent Resident Card in Canada. Below are some of the more common methods of immigration:

  • Family immigration. Permanent Residents and citizens of Canada can sponsor certain relatives for immigration and Permanent Residency.
  • Employment immigration. There are many different ways to immigrate to Canada if one already has a job offer. There are even some immigration programs that do not require a job offer. These programs usually require that the immigrant apply for a Labour Market Petition, a document that says that the immigrant can work in Canada. These systems are also often points based where greater education and experience gives one a greater likelihood of having their application accepted.
  • Quebec immigration. Any immigrants looking to immigrate to Quebec must first apply for permission from the Quebec government before they apply with the federal government.
  • Asylum and refugee. Some people, facing severe persecution in their country of origin, can apply for asylum or refugee status in Canada, which will grant them Permanent Resident status.

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