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Canada Has a New Political Party: What Does it Mean for Immigration?

Canada has a new political party, the People’s Party of Canada (or the Parti populaire du Canada in French), and this party’s views on immigration may be of interest to Canadians and newcomers alike. The People’s Party of Canada was formed in 2018 by MP Maxime Bernier, formerly of the Conservative Party. According to Bernier, his party plans to limit the number of refugees accepted into Canada and wants to encourage “intelligent populism.”

The new party is to be headquartered in Gatineau, Que and will likely have candidates in all ridings. So far, the party has raised $140,000, although they are still working towards official registration with Elections Canada.

Currently, there is some debate about what stances the party will take on immigration and how they might shape immigration laws if elected. The People’s Party of Canada have yet to unveil their party’s constitution, although that it expected to happen in 2018.

What Might the People’s Party of Canada Mean for Immigration?

Bernier has spoken out against the idea of “extreme multiculturalism” and diversity at “any cost.” At the same time, he has stated he wants to encourage some types of immigration and has emphasized xenophobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated by the party. He does not plan to assess potential newcomers based on their values, but has publicly stated he wants to encourage immigrants who share Canada’s support for gender equality and LGBTQ rights, among other values.

Bernier has also stated he disagrees with the current refugee system, arguing that someone who can afford an airplane ticket to come to the United States and then cross the border into Canada as a refugee is “not a real refugee.” He has referred to the most recent surge of refugee seekers across the US border as a “costly farce” and wants to see asylum seekers from the United States returned to that country.

When asked about the People’s Party of Canada and its views on immigration, Bernier has stated he wants to deemphasize immigration for family reunification reasons and would like to see more focus on economic immigration. He would also like to see immigration levels drop to 250,000 per year, according to at least one recorded statement.

Would You Like to Immigrate to Canada?

It is not yet known what impact the People’s Party of Canada will have on immigration, if any. If elected, the party may place more emphasis on economic immigration and potentially create other changes. If you are interested in coming to Canada, Immigration Direct has resources to help you apply to the Federal Skilled Workers Program and other programs. We also have a free blog and other free resources to help you on your immigration journey, so take a look at our easy-to-understand, clear solutions today!


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