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Immigrant Services of Canada

Citizenship and Immigration CanadaCanada is committed to the successful integration of immigrants into Canadian society and because of that they provide many immigrant services.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides online lists of immigrant services throughout the provinces.

Local community centers such as libraries will also be able to help immigrants find these useful services and may even host a few of their own.

Below are some of the general categories of available immigrant services.

Language Training and Assessment

Canada puts some emphasis on its residents learning one of the official languages. There are many programs that can teach immigrants to speak, read and write either English or French.

People who wish to become citizens will need to be able to pass a language test in either French or English before completing their citizenship process.

Familiarity with one of the official languages will also help immigrants get better jobs and be generally more successful after coming to Canada.

Job Services

There are many different organizations that can help immigrants match their skills with the required skills of certain positions in Canada.

Also, permanent residents of Canada are eligible to participate in the Employment Insurance program. Benefits can be collected during times of temporary unemployment.

Daily life

Canada can be a very different country for many immigrants and for that reason there are organizations available to help immigrants with daily life.

From shopping, to applying for government services; learning to drive or finding a job, these groups can help immigrants start living as Canadians.

Refugee Services

Refugees are people who have immigrated to Canada to escape persecution in the country from whence they came.

Refugees are often eligible for special consideration and help in certain programs within Canada.

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