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National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0

NOC ClassPeople whose skills sets match those outlined in the National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0 can often apply for immigration to Canada though several different kinds of programs.

These programs grant Permanent Residency to qualified applicants.

Permanent Residency is an immigration status that allows a foreign national to live and work within Canada indefinitely. Permanent Residents are also allowed to use many of the national public services.

These immigrants are given proof of their status in Permanent Resident Cards (also known as PR Cards).

The National Occupation Classification is a list of job descriptions and the qualifications necessary to fulfil those job duties. This list is very helpful in matching professionals with the jobs most appropriate for them.

Immigrants will need to have their educational credentials assessed before they apply for immigration based on employment.

Below are some of the positions classified under the NOC’s Skill Type 0:

  • Legislators
  • Senior Management
  • Administrative Services Management
  • Financial and business services management
  • Communication Management
  • Engineering, architecture, science and information systems management
  • Health Care Management
  • Public Administration management
  • Education, social and community services management
  • Public protection services management
  • Art, culture, recreation and sport management
  • Corporate Sales Management
  • Retail and wholesale trade management
  • Food service and accommodation management
  • Customer and personal service management
  • Construction and facility operation management
  • Maintenance management
  • Transportation management
  • Natural resources production and fishing management
  • Agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture Management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Utilities Management

Immigrants in these professions can apply for Canadian Experience Class immigration if they are already working in Canada.

People in these professions who wish to immigrate to Canada can apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and receive an immigrant visa through that system.

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