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Month: December 2012

Immigration in Canada – Influential People

The modern immigration program in Canada owes a great debt to Pierre Elliott Trudeau. His policies of multiculturalism, bilingualism and civil liberty have enabled Canada to be a center of world immigration and increased the rights of Permanent Residents within the country. Trudeau himself is descendent from immigrants himself and his family can trace their …

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NORAD Tracks Santa – A Christmas Tradition

Christmas time in Canada is a traditional holiday and a time of year for magical feelings and a sense of wonderment. Additionally, every parent enjoys seeing their child ecstatic on Christmas Day when presents miraculously appear under their Christmas tree. Fortunately for Canadians, they share a similar nationality with Father Christmas. That’s right. Santa Claus …

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Immigrate to Canada with a Smooth Transition

When you apply to become a Permanent Resident of Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will have to make sure that you meet a certain number of requirements. The application process can tend to become somewhat confusing, that’s why it is wise to seek out help, such as with Immigration Direct. There are many organizations that …

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