Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Ottawa

There are a number of offices that handle cases and applications for Citizenship and Immigration Canada all over the country.

The Capital of Canada, Ottawa, is home to the Case Processing Pilot office. Similarly to any other CIC office, the one in Ottawa has certain very specific responsibilities.

The Ottawa office is only allowed to accept a limited set of applications, specifically Temporary Resident Visas and Permanent Resident Visas.

Case Processing Pilot Ottawa

If you are a temporary worker or student already in Canada and you are applying for a visa you can send your application to this office.

Permanent Resident applicants from within Canada or the United States may also send their applications here as long as they have been screened by another Permanent Resident visa office first.

This particular office is not open for walk-ins. An appointment must be scheduled in advance. You can only schedule an appointment in very limited circumstances; otherwise, you are only allowed to submit your application and await a response from the CIC.

If you are applying for a Temporary Resident Visa, you should send your application to:

CPP – Ottawa

P.O. Box 9640

Ottawa, ON, K1G 6T2

Or if you would like to speed up the process, you can send your application by private courier, in which case the address is slightly different:

CPP – Ottawa

Temporary Resident Visa Section

365 Laurier Avenue West

Ottawa, ON, K1A 1L1

Applications made out to Citizenship and Immigration Canada should be checked thoroughly for completeness before submittal. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and may significantly delay your visa from reaching you in a reasonable amount of time.


Immigration in Canada – Influential People

The modern immigration program in Canada owes a great debt to Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

His policies of multiculturalism, bilingualism and civil liberty have enabled Canada to be a center of world immigration and increased the rights of Permanent Residents within the country.

Famous Canadians

Trudeau himself is descendent from immigrants himself and his family can trace their roots back to 17th century France, though his family was well established in Quebec by the time he was a youth.

Through his education and experience he became a very powerful mind in liberal politics in Canada by the 1960s and eventually became the Prime Minister.

During Trudeau’s tenure as a member of parliament he had anti-homosexuality laws repealed which would eventually allow Permanent Residents and citizens to sponsor same sex spouses to immigrate to Canada.

In the early 1970s, as Prime Minister, Trudeau enacted Canada’s policy of multiculturalism. It was the first time that any such policy came to be in any government. Its thrust was that Canada is a land composed of many different ethnicities and types of people and they are all entitled to maintaining that identity.

This has allowed increased acceptance of immigrants over the years.

Bilingualism was also a part of this movement and it established the equal status of different languages for official use throughout Canada. It is also why being able to speak either English or French is an immigration requirement.

Approximately ten years later when a new revision of the Canadian Constitution was enacted Trudeau ensured that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was included. Very similar to the United States’ Bill of Rights, the Charter ensures that everyone within Canada is allowed the same rights. Permanent Residents have access to these rights as well (although they cannot vote).

Pierre Trudeau remains an important and at times controversial cultural and political figure in Canada, though he died in 2000. His son, Justin Trudeau, is currently running for political leadership in his father’s party.

Canada’s Boxing Day

One of the most enjoyable things about waiting to become a citizen as a Permanent Resident is participating in the traditions of your new-found home, Canada. The holiday season, as the month of December is generally called, is full of holidays and opportunities to experience the beauty of Canada and its culture.

Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day is followed by Boxing Day, which is another day that most folks can take off from work. However, many retail stores throughout Canada remain open during this holiday.

Traditionally Boxing Day was the day of the year when employers would give their employees bonuses or other gifts in little boxes. This tradition is somewhat maintained today, but it has largely been transformed into a more modern custom.

Nowadays, large retailers offer outrageous sales and cut prices on merchandise on Boxing Day to help them clear out their stores for the New Year. In many ways it is very similar to the phenomenon called Black Friday in the United States. Black Friday is the day after the United States’ Thanksgiving and is an opportunity for people to buy their Christmas gifts for others at discount.

Boxing Day is of course very similar to Black Friday and news media have been known to cover the events in similar ways. Shoppers will often show up at stores before the sun even comes up early on the morning of the 26th. These people often show up either to buy new items for the New Year or to return unneeded items from the Christmas celebrations.

Many people regard the Boxing Day rush to be a lot of fun and it is, after all, a tradition of your new home. Give it a try and maybe catch yourself an excellent discount!

Canadian News: Snowstorms in Quebec

As a potential future Permanent Resident of Canada you should be well informed about the events that are important in Canada. While snow in Canada is often no more unusual than rain in the Amazons, this year there have been some issues with the weather.

Permanent Residents be Careful while you work!

In Quebec, near Montreal, there has been so much snowfall recently that about 20,000 Quebecois customers won’t have power for another few days. This is highly unusual because areas like Quebec are normally well prepared for these kinds of contingencies, however, it seems to be a natural law that if something is to go wrong it indeed will go wrong.

Snow coverage is one of the things that make Canada truly beautiful. The entire country can be transformed into a new land by a good dose of that wintry powder. Many different sports are available in Canada during the winter which are quite a lot of fun such as skiing, skating, sledding or even snow-shoe hiking.

However, large amounts of snow are sometimes dangerous, just as any other kind of weather can prove to be hazardous. Driving can be difficult in blizzard conditions and there may be some instances where it is just better to stay home instead of try to drive through the snow. Roads can also become slippery, presenting the new challenge of keeping your car on the icy road. Tire Chains may be the best way to handle these conditions.

Large amounts of snowfall may also convince you to stay indoors. Local authorities will have many different suggestions for these situations, but it is important to remember that you may be snowed in for a little while. It’s always a good idea to have a certain amount of spare food and backup supplies available in your house just in case you need it.

Blizzards might be a pain to deal with, but inclement weather is a fact of life on Earth and if you lived somewhere else the problem might not be snow, but torrential rain, or no rain at all. At least snow is particularly fun to play in!

NORAD Tracks Santa – A Christmas Tradition

Christmas time in Canada is a traditional holiday and a time of year for magical feelings and a sense of wonderment. Additionally, every parent enjoys seeing their child ecstatic on Christmas Day when presents miraculously appear under their Christmas tree. Fortunately for Canadians, they share a similar nationality with Father Christmas.

That’s right. Santa Claus is an honorary Canadian citizen as of 2008.

In the tradition of maintaining the magic and wonderment of Christmas for children, Canada and the United States have maintained a very cute program since the mid-1950s called NORAD Tracks Santa.

For those unfamiliar with NORAD, it is the North American Aerospace Defense Command and was used to monitor the skies for potential attacks from various countries during the cold war. In 1955, due to a misprint in a newspaper ad, children were directed to call a telephone number to learn the location of Santa Claus during his international trip. The telephone number was connected to NORAD.

Perhaps the folks picking up the phone on Christmas Eve were a little nervous to hear bad news on the other end, but instead they heard a little girl ask for Santa’s co-ordinates. In the spirit of the holiday, the on-duty officer at the time informed the girl of Santa’s location using NORAD’s sophisticated radar equipment and they have done so every year since.

Nowadays, if you would like to know where Santa is on Christmas Eve you should log on to

Minister Jason Kenney, the Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, announced that Nunavut will “run the control tower lights throughout Christmas to guide Jolly Saint Nick southward on his departure and northward on his return.”

Talk about international co-operation!

Job Opportunities for Immigrants

Canada has been expressing interest in letting more and more skilled immigrants enter the country to work and become Permanent Residents. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is the most prominent of these programs and you can start taking advantage of it in May.

After a while of being a Permanent Resident in Canada you can apply for citizenship and gain all of the rights that status implies. Until then though, you should spend some time settling into Canadian society and working a job.Permanent Residents work on Oil rigs.

Finding a job in Canada is not too difficult, there are many positions that simply cannot be filled because there aren’t enough people in Canada to fill them! That is why Citizenship and Immigration Canada is interested in helping you immigrate. It’s best for the whole country.

A very large industry in Canada is petroleum production. Canada ranks as one of the top producers of oil in the world and there are locations all across the country where you might be able to join a crew. Billions of dollars are made a year in oil production in Canada and there is no reason why you should not be able to share in their profit.

It’s all the better if you already have some experience working on oil rigs in other parts of the world.

It’s also possible that you can work at reducing the environmental impact of such operations by becoming educated through a Canadian university. That’s another great benefit of having a Permanent Resident Card: the right to study anywhere you like in Canada.

So don’t delay and apply as soon as you can for your new home and its world of opportunity!

Federal Skilled Workers Program

Immigration Direct provides immigrants with news occasionally that may help them in the immigration process. The following report is based upon a recent news release from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and very well may help you in your journey to become a Permanent Resident, or, eventually, a citizen of Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be re-opening the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program with new requirements in May, Minister Jason Kenney announced on Wednesday.

This program is designed to provide well-qualified workers to the workforce in Canada and better serve immigrants as well as the country.

The program was closed temporarily as Citizenship and Immigration Canada reconsidered eligibility requirements for this popular program.

“The final changes to the FSWP selection criteria include [among other things]: minimum official language thresholds and increased points for official language proficiency, making language the most important factor in the selection process,” an official news release from CIC said.

These new requirements are intentionally strict, but the intent is not to be exclusionary. Rather, they are designed to be beneficial to potential immigrants as well as the economy of Canada.

CIC cites research that indicates that immigrants who meet these standards have a much higher chance of success in Canada as opposed to immigrants who met the previous requirements.

Other requirements ensure that FSWP immigrants have sufficient education to become employed in Canada, that the applicants are younger and therefore more adaptable and that employers are more willing to hire immigrants quicker.

One major benefit of the system redesign is that immigrants who apply for this program will have their applications processed significantly faster. The CIC says that they will be processed in months instead of years.

If you are interested in applying for these new programs you should consider using Immigration Direct to apply for immigration benefits. Not only do we make the application process easier, but we also ensure that your application is error free. This ensures that you are less likely to be slowed down in your immigration process.

Canada Tourism to the Niagara Falls

Canada is a fantastic place to visit for tourism. There are many different places within the country that are worthwhile to visit, particularly to the famous Niagara Falls. However, visits do tend to fall short and you may be left with the desire for more, a longing to stay and enjoy the landscape further. Immigrating to Canada is easier than you might think with Immigration Direct, sign up today!

The Niagara Falls are located right on the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, United States, however, contrary to common belief, the majority of the falls are located within Canada. The most spectacular sights of these waterfalls are only available from the Canadian side.

The Niagara Falls is the largest of their kind in the world and are truly a marvel of nature. Massive quantities of water fall approximately 50 meters to the river below creating an absolutely deafening sound and an impressive profusion of mist that rises up and plays all sorts of tricks with light.

Other than being a tourism attraction from both sides of the border as well as the rest of the world, it is also an economically important body of water for the power it supplies to the surrounding areas, its fresh water and its unique ecology.

For the past two hundred years there has been an interest surrounding the falls and dare-devil stunts. Many different people have decided to climb into barrels (or other devices), float down stream and go over the lip of the falls. A handful of people have survived this stunt, and almost all of the survivors have sustained rather serious injuries. Part of the draw to the falls is to learn about these courageous, but hapless folks.

As a Permanent Resident you can travel to anywhere within Canada freely, if you decide to get citizenship you can also travel throughout the United States significantly easier!

Immigrate to Canada with a Smooth Transition

When you apply to become a Permanent Resident of Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will have to make sure that you meet a certain number of requirements. The application process can tend to become somewhat confusing, that’s why it is wise to seek out help, such as with Immigration Direct.

The immigration process is geared towards success

There are many organizations that “screen” applicants to ensure that the people signing up meet the group’s standards. This is not the case with Canada.

Canada does not pride itself on its exclusivity or keeping people out of the country. After all, Canada wears their nickname of Nation of Immigrants proudly and is composed of a great diversity of cultures, ethnicities and nationalities.

The reason for the immigration requirements is that Canada wants to ensure that immigrants, when they move into Canada, are able to be as successful as possible.

The work requirements exist so that immigrants are easily able to find a job in Canada and support themselves. Sometimes employers do not understand foreign credentials and this requirement is designed to make the immigrant’s qualification easier to understand.

By requiring immigrants to be able to speak either French or English they are nearly assured to have an easier transition into their new jobs and Canadian society.

The immigration point system was recently modified to give higher scores to people who are more likely to succeed in Canada. Young and highly skilled immigrants are considered more valuable in this new system. It is an excellent opportunity for young people all over the world to immigrate to Canada.

If you are already a temporary worker in Canada or a student within one of the provinces you can apply for a special visa which will allow you to be a Permanent Resident. The program is called the Canadian Experience Class and the government is planning to allow even more of these visas to be distributed in 2013.

Canada Asylum System

As of Saturday, December 15, Canada’s Asylum immigration system will change. Minister Jason Kenney has been very concerned in recent years about how Canada’s immigration system runs and preventing immigration fraud.

If you would like to file for Permanent Residency in Canada properly and as quick as possible Immigration Direct can help you.

The changes being made in the immigration system are to prevent fraudulent asylum claims. Often, people who apply for asylum status in Canada eventually revoke their own claims or simply abandon them. This is not to say that they don’t necessarily have valid asylum claims, but the trend is disturbing and Citizenship and Immigration Canada is trying to prevent the system from being overloaded with these kinds of claims.

In an effort to prevent unfounded claims Citizenship and Immigration Canada, under the administration of Minister Jason Kenney, has released a list of Designated Countries of Origen. Immigrants from these countries attempting to claim asylum status in Canada will undergo more scrupulous examination:

Austria Germany Netherlands
Belgium Greece Poland
Croatia Hungary Portugal
Cyprus Ireland Slovak Republic
Czech Republic Italy Slovenia
Denmark Latvia Spain
Estonia Lithuania Sweden
Finland Luxembourg United Kingdom
France Malta United States of America

This is not to say that immigrants filing for refugee status from these countries will be simply turned away, but rather this new system is designed to speed up all processes. Legitimate claims will be granted asylum faster than before and illegitimate claims will be removed more promptly.

The designation of countries is not based upon an arbitrary decision, but rather through statistical trends. If a significant majority of the claims from a particular country is either rejected, withdrawn or abandoned within a 12 month span of time that country will be designated.

Also considered in the designation process is whether or not the country has an independent judicial system and whether or not the people of that country have basic and democratic rights.