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Canada’s Boxing Day

One of the most enjoyable things about waiting to become a citizen as a Permanent Resident is participating in the traditions of your new-found home, Canada. The holiday season, as the month of December is generally called, is full of holidays and opportunities to experience the beauty of Canada and its culture.

Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day is followed by Boxing Day, which is another day that most folks can take off from work. However, many retail stores throughout Canada remain open during this holiday.

Traditionally Boxing Day was the day of the year when employers would give their employees bonuses or other gifts in little boxes. This tradition is somewhat maintained today, but it has largely been transformed into a more modern custom.

Nowadays, large retailers offer outrageous sales and cut prices on merchandise on Boxing Day to help them clear out their stores for the New Year. In many ways it is very similar to the phenomenon called Black Friday in the United States. Black Friday is the day after the United States’ Thanksgiving and is an opportunity for people to buy their Christmas gifts for others at discount.

Boxing Day is of course very similar to Black Friday and news media have been known to cover the events in similar ways. Shoppers will often show up at stores before the sun even comes up early on the morning of the 26th. These people often show up either to buy new items for the New Year or to return unneeded items from the Christmas celebrations.

Many people regard the Boxing Day rush to be a lot of fun and it is, after all, a tradition of your new home. Give it a try and maybe catch yourself an excellent discount!

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