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Canadian News: Snowstorms in Quebec

As a potential future Permanent Resident of Canada you should be well informed about the events that are important in Canada. While snow in Canada is often no more unusual than rain in the Amazons, this year there have been some issues with the weather.

Permanent Residents be Careful while you work!

In Quebec, near Montreal, there has been so much snowfall recently that about 20,000 Quebecois customers won’t have power for another few days. This is highly unusual because areas like Quebec are normally well prepared for these kinds of contingencies, however, it seems to be a natural law that if something is to go wrong it indeed will go wrong.

Snow coverage is one of the things that make Canada truly beautiful. The entire country can be transformed into a new land by a good dose of that wintry powder. Many different sports are available in Canada during the winter which are quite a lot of fun such as skiing, skating, sledding or even snow-shoe hiking.

However, large amounts of snow are sometimes dangerous, just as any other kind of weather can prove to be hazardous. Driving can be difficult in blizzard conditions and there may be some instances where it is just better to stay home instead of try to drive through the snow. Roads can also become slippery, presenting the new challenge of keeping your car on the icy road. Tire Chains may be the best way to handle these conditions.

Large amounts of snowfall may also convince you to stay indoors. Local authorities will have many different suggestions for these situations, but it is important to remember that you may be snowed in for a little while. It’s always a good idea to have a certain amount of spare food and backup supplies available in your house just in case you need it.

Blizzards might be a pain to deal with, but inclement weather is a fact of life on Earth and if you lived somewhere else the problem might not be snow, but torrential rain, or no rain at all. At least snow is particularly fun to play in!

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