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Canada Tourism to the Niagara Falls

Canada is a fantastic place to visit for tourism. There are many different places within the country that are worthwhile to visit, particularly to the famous Niagara Falls. However, visits do tend to fall short and you may be left with the desire for more, a longing to stay and enjoy the landscape further. Immigrating to Canada is easier than you might think with Immigration Direct, sign up today!

The Niagara Falls are located right on the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, United States, however, contrary to common belief, the majority of the falls are located within Canada. The most spectacular sights of these waterfalls are only available from the Canadian side.

The Niagara Falls is the largest of their kind in the world and are truly a marvel of nature. Massive quantities of water fall approximately 50 meters to the river below creating an absolutely deafening sound and an impressive profusion of mist that rises up and plays all sorts of tricks with light.

Other than being a tourism attraction from both sides of the border as well as the rest of the world, it is also an economically important body of water for the power it supplies to the surrounding areas, its fresh water and its unique ecology.

For the past two hundred years there has been an interest surrounding the falls and dare-devil stunts. Many different people have decided to climb into barrels (or other devices), float down stream and go over the lip of the falls. A handful of people have survived this stunt, and almost all of the survivors have sustained rather serious injuries. Part of the draw to the falls is to learn about these courageous, but hapless folks.

As a Permanent Resident you can travel to anywhere within Canada freely, if you decide to get citizenship you can also travel throughout the United States significantly easier!

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