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Federal Skilled Workers Program

Immigration Direct provides immigrants with news occasionally that may help them in the immigration process. The following report is based upon a recent news release from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and very well may help you in your journey to become a Permanent Resident, or, eventually, a citizen of Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will be re-opening the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program with new requirements in May, Minister Jason Kenney announced on Wednesday.

This program is designed to provide well-qualified workers to the workforce in Canada and better serve immigrants as well as the country.

The program was closed temporarily as Citizenship and Immigration Canada reconsidered eligibility requirements for this popular program.

“The final changes to the FSWP selection criteria include [among other things]: minimum official language thresholds and increased points for official language proficiency, making language the most important factor in the selection process,” an official news release from CIC said.

These new requirements are intentionally strict, but the intent is not to be exclusionary. Rather, they are designed to be beneficial to potential immigrants as well as the economy of Canada.

CIC cites research that indicates that immigrants who meet these standards have a much higher chance of success in Canada as opposed to immigrants who met the previous requirements.

Other requirements ensure that FSWP immigrants have sufficient education to become employed in Canada, that the applicants are younger and therefore more adaptable and that employers are more willing to hire immigrants quicker.

One major benefit of the system redesign is that immigrants who apply for this program will have their applications processed significantly faster. The CIC says that they will be processed in months instead of years.

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