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What Is the CIC?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is the department in the Canadian government which is tasked with providing immigration services to the country. The CIC is headed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, this person is currently Minister Jason Kenney. Many of Citizenship and Immigration’s press releases come from speeches or policy decisions made by …

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Become Canadian by Marrying a Canadian

One of the rights reserved for Canadian citizens is that they can help their close family members become citizens as well. Even spouses! However, citizenship is not automatically transferred to a spouse when they marry a Canadian citizen. Rather, it starts a process which includes immigration, permanent residency and then, finally, citizenship. Getting Married The first step in …

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What are the Advantages of Canadian Citizenship?

There are numerous advantages to holding Canadian citizenship. Becoming a Canadian citizen comes with benefits that are not available to Permanent Residents, such as: access to restricted jobs; the right to vote and run for political office; and the ability to travel with a Canadian passport. Canadian citizens also have the security of holding a status …

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www cic gc ca forms

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC.GC.CA) is the Canadian governmental body that deals with immigration issues including, but not limited to: Non-immigrant and immigrant applications. Citizenship applications. Multiculturalism policy. Immigration policy. Immigration enforcement. Below are some of the more popular Immigration forms in Canada. IMM 5444 The Application for a Permanent Resident Card is known as …

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The official website for Canada’s immigration ministry is CIC.GC.CA. To remember the website name use this as a memory aid: Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Government of Canada. CAnada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is responsible for the processing and administration of immigration applications and petitions for the entirety of Canada. Popular forms include applications for Permanent Residency and Citizenship. CIC is also in charge …

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Canadian Immigration Reaching Record Numbers?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada expects very large numbers of Permanent Residents to be added to Canada in 2013. The reason up to 265,000 people are being granted immigrant status in Canada is to help grow the nation’s economy. Canada has historically had very large numbers of immigrants due to a variety of factors including large and unpopulated …

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