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Creating a Support Network as an Immigrant to Canada

Moving to any new place is daunting, but this is especially the case if you are arriving as an immigrant in Canada. You may be leaving family behind and entering a country where you do not know the people and language. The immigration process and adjustment period may be stressful. Finding a support network is …

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Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

Parents and grandparents are important family members, but in cases where children and grandchildren move to Canada, it can be hard for family members to maintain contact. The parent and grandparent super visa is designed to ensure children get to spend quality time with their parents and grandparents. Under the visa, qualifying parents and grandparents …

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Canada’s Top Five Immigration Destinations

For immigrants from across the globe, Canada remains a very attractive destinations. Spanning an entire continent, and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast and the Pacific Ocean on its west, Canada offers immigrants a diverse choice of regional climates, economies and even languages. Immigration patterns in Canada have changed in recent years, with an …

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Work Permit Tips

Foreign nationals who enter Canada and do not have Permanent Residency must file for work permits if they want to hold a job while they reside in the country. You cannot get a job in Canada without some proof of the right to work within the country. If you’re interested in working in Canada while you visit …

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How to Get Citizenship in Canada

Citizenship Benefits People from all over the world are interested in becoming citizens of Canada because of its reputation. There are many benefits one might enjoy when one becomes a citizen: Federal Healthcare It’s easier to have family immigrate Citizens cannot be deported unless it is found that their immigration applications were filed fraudulently. Citizens can use …

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What Is the Immigration and Refugee Board?

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is a governmental organization that works closely with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in the administration of immigration policy. Most immigrants applying for Permanent Resident Cards or citizenship applications will be interacting with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, appeals will be mostly directed at the Immigration …

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