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Permanent Resident Card

Permanent Resident Card Free Guide Introduction

Permanent Resident Cards, often just called PR Cards for brevity, are immigration documents that are the official proof of permanent residency in Canada. This article series will be your permanent resident free guide. In it we will discuss what a PR Card is, how one gets a PR Card, what are the immigration options, application details and how …

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IMM 5529 Applying for a Travel Document

Citizens of Canada are not required to obtain travel documents because, as citizens, they are always allowed to re-enter the country regardless of their condition. Permanent Residents, on the other hand, are subject to residency requirements and therefore need to apply for travel documents to re-enter Canada. This is of course only necessary if the …

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How to Change Your Name on Your PR Card

There are a number of reasons for why someone might change their name and along with the name change there is some work to be done with the government. When your name officially changes you will have to have your name changed on all of your official documentation including your PR Card. While you and the people …

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PR Card Renewal Address

A Permanent Resident Card is the physical proof that Canadian Permanent Residents can use to show that they have the right to live, work and travel within Canada. Residents in Canada, while they are allowed to stay indefinitely as Permanent Residents, must also notify the Canadian government when certain personal information changes. This is especially true when …

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