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How to Get Citizenship in Canada

Citizenship Benefits People from all over the world are interested in becoming citizens of Canada because of its reputation. There are many benefits one might enjoy when one becomes a citizen: Federal Healthcare It’s easier to have family immigrate Citizens cannot be deported unless it is found that their immigration applications were filed fraudulently. Citizens can use …

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Proof of Canadian Citizenship

A Canadian citizenship certificate must be possessed by a Canadian citizen to prove that he is a citizen of the country. A Canadian citizenship certificate is issued to a person who is: born in Canada born outside Canada to Canadian parents, and a permanent resident who has been granted Canadian citizenship. The Canadian citizenship certificate contains your family and …

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Applying for Citizenship for a Child Born Outside of Canada to a Canadian Parent

A person may qualify for Canadian citizenship even if they were born outside of Canada if one of their parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of their birth. In order to confirm one’s citizenship one will have to apply for a citizenship certificate with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the official governmental body responsible for immigration …

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