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What Are the Privileges of Canadian Citizenship?

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Permanent Residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after a certain amount of time and as long as they have lived in Canada for three of the previous four years. Note that two of those years must be spent as a Permanent Resident, which means that up to one year of that qualifying period can be spent as a temporary resident.

But why become a citizen if you are already a Permanent Resident? Why bother with the process?

Well, there are certain privileges of citizenship that are not as available with just Permanent Residency or, even less so, with temporary residency. Below are only the general categories of citizen’s privileges.

Rights of Citizenship

When you enter Canada you are entitled to many different rights, just right off the bat, but the further integrated you become in Canadian society and government the more rights you will have. Specifically, when you become a citizen of Canada you can not only vote, but run for office as well. Being able to participate in one of the best democracies in the world is certainly a perk!
You can also help your relatives immigrate to Canada much easier than if you only had Permanent Residency.

Job opportunities

Canada has one of the largest economies in the world and because of this it has an amazingly diverse and accessible job market. There are a multitude of careers available for Canadians of any stripe regardless of immigration status, but with citizenship you will never have to worry about when your work visa will expire!

High-quality Education

As a Canadian citizen you would have access to the many beautiful and important universities available throughout Canada. Many of these schools contribute a great deal to better understanding the world as we know it and you can be a part of that effort! The Canadian government can even help you pay for it with reduced fees and student aid.


Canada is a popular tourism destination and as a citizen you can travel anywhere in Canada at any time you desire. You could visit the astonishing Niagara Falls, visit the largest mall in North America, or hike through one of the many national forests in Canada whenever you would like!

Citizenship Is Forever!

Citizens of Canada are expected to be law abiding people and you cannot become a citizen in some circumstances if you have committed a crime. Recently, increased regulations in Citizenship and Immigration Canada have led to the revocation of some citizen certificates due to fraud. However, unless the reason is fraud, there is no way that your citizenship can be taken away. You are safe and entitled to your Canadian rights indefinitely.

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