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Canadian Immigration Processing Times

After you apply for benefits with the Canadian government you must wait a certain amount of time before you will get an answer. This length of time varies depending on how many people are applying on that particular form, background checks, backlogs and other administrative processing.

It isn’t possible to speed this process up, all you can do is wait. This is why it is imperative that the form you are submitting is properly filled out and filed. If the form is rejected and sent back to you this will further delay your application and you will have to wait even longer for your immigration benefits. Immigration Direct offers products that can help you file properly for Citizenship certificatesPermanent Resident Card Renewals and Replacements, as well as filing for your very first Permanent Resident Card.

If you are a Permanent Resident and you want to travel outside of Canada you must have your Permanent Resident Card with you at all times. Permanent Resident Cards can also help you apply for other social benefits within Canada.

Below are some of the more common processing time estimates. Be sure to check back with Immigration Direct for the latest updates as these times are subject to change from time to time.

  • Citizenship: After you have applied for citizenship and you have received a receipt confirming that Citizenship and Immigration Canada it takes approximately 21 months until you can take your oath and become a full citizen. However, you can of course remain a Permanent Resident for the entire period of time that you wait.
  • Citizenship Certificate: If you have lost or misplaced your citizenship certificate and need it to be replaced the process takes about five months for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to find out if you are a citizen and re-issue a certificate. If you are applying for a new citizenship certificate outside of Canada, say, at an embassy, the processing time is more than doubled and will take a little over a year to process.
  • Permanent Resident Cards: If you are applying for your first Permanent Resident Card the approximate waiting period is about 58 days. If you are applying for a renewal or a replacement of an already existing PR Card the wait time is about 90 days. However, in the case of a renewal or replacement there are some circumstances where you can expedite the process and get a replacement quicker.

Other miscellaneous application processing times:

Application Wait Time for Mailed Applications Wait Time for Online Applications
Visitor Visa Three Months Three Months
Study Permit Three months One Month
Work Permit for a New Employer Two and a Half Months Two and a Half Months
Work Permit for the Same Employer Three Months Two and a Half Months

Keep in mind that Immigration Direct is there to help you through your immigration processes and the best way to speed up the process is to file right the first time!

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