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Immigration Canada: How to Navigate the Tools

When you apply for immigration benefits in Canada there are many online resources available to you, especially Whether you need to apply for a Permanent Resident Card or to renew one or to finally apply for citizenship we can help you achieve your immigration goals for a nominal fee. There is a variety of tools available online that can help you better track your progress through the world of Canadian immigration.

You can check your status online if you applied for

  • A member of your family for Permanent Residency,
  • Permanent Residence for yourself,
  • A replacement or renewal,
  • Citizenship (for yourself, an adopted person),
  • Proof of citizenship,
  • Or any other changes of status involving citizenship.

When you go to check your status you will need to have a few items nearby. You will need your application, your receipts and any Citizenship and Immigration Canada documents you have collected.

Here we also have a list of common fees, taken from the CIC’s website, that you may want to consider when applying for immigration in Canada. The CIC’s fees and’s fees are separate.

  • Permanent Resident Card renewal or replacement Application processing fee is $50.
  • Permanent Resident Card renewal or replacement is $50.
  • Acquisition of Permanent Resident Status is $490.*
  • Study Permits are $125.
  • Work Permits are $150.
  • Permanent Resident visa fees vary widely. We will cover these in tomorrow’s blog.
  • Right to be a citizen is $100.
  • Grant of citizenship is $100.
  • Retention of citizenship is $100.
  • Resumption of citizenship is $100.
  • Renunciation of citizenship is $100.
  • Proof of citizenship is $75.
  • Search for record of citizenship is $75.

Do not pay any of these fees to any organization until you are absolutely sure of which ones and how much you should submit. Contact for more information.

If you want to become a Permanent Resident in Canada you will also have to take a medical examination by an approved physician. You will receive instructions on where to go for your medical examination after your application has been submitted. Generally you will not know the results of this exam unless it is discovered that you have some health problem. All of the documents created in the course of this examination will be the property of the Canadian Immigration Medical Authorities.

Panel physicians can be found within Canada by calling the CIC call center, or internationally on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Immigration can be a difficult process, but exists to make it as easy as possible on potential immigrants to Canada.

Canada is a beautiful place full of opportunities for education, work and living comfortably. The people of Canada welcome you warmly and they hope to see you soon.

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