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PR Card Renewal Address

Renew Your PR CardA Permanent Resident Card is the physical proof that Canadian Permanent Residents can use to show that they have the right to live, work and travel within Canada.

Residents in Canada, while they are allowed to stay indefinitely as Permanent Residents, must also notify the Canadian government when certain personal information changes. This is especially true when applying for renewal of a PR Card.

Most commonly, the information that changes from PR Card to PR Card is a person’s name, especially if they get married in the interim. To show that your name has been legally changed you can generally show a copy of your marriage certificate.

If there is an error or misprint on your PR Card, this is a different issue altogether and should be addressed as soon as possible. You will need to file for a correction and mail the card in to the CIC immediately. There is no charge for the correction of a misprint on a PR Card.

When applying for a new Permanent Resident Card you will need to fill out two different forms: IMM 5455, Supplementary Identification Form, and IMM 5444, Application for a Permanent Resident Card.

Along with these completed forms you may also need to submit additional documentation. These papers will be mentioned in the application packages and are case specific. Every applicant has different needs for their application processes.

Then, once the application package has been completed and the forms and fees have been assembled into the same envelope they are to be sent to the Case Processing Centre in Nova Scotia. However, there are different addresses where applications are to be sent.

For general mail applications send applications to:

P.O. Box 10020
Sydney, NS
B1P 7C1

For courier delivery, send applications to:

47 – 49 Dorchester Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 5Z2

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