The official website for Canada’s immigration ministry is CIC.GC.CA. To remember the website name use this as a memory aid: Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Government of Canada. CAnada.Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is responsible for the processing and administration of immigration applications and petitions for the entirety of Canada. Popular forms include applications for Permanent Residency and Citizenship.

CIC is also in charge of the control of Canada’s borders and the funding of important immigration programs.

Below are some of the services and resources that are available on their website:

  • Immigrate to Canada. You can learn about the many different pathways available to immigrants for gaining permanent residency in the United States.
  • Visit Canada. Tourists looking to see the sights in Canada like Niagara Falls or beautiful British Colombia look no further for your visa needs!
  • Work in Canada. Find out ways to find work in Canada’s exciting and robust economy. Alberta is particularly strong at the moment due to the discovery of large petrochemical deposits.
  • Study in Canada. Canada is home to many fine universities and the CIC even offers programs that can help you get Permanent Residency after you graduate.
  • Canadian Citizenship. The CIC is responsible for granting citizenship to those who are eligible and apply. Some people are also unwittingly eligible for citizenship because of family members.
  • Guides for New Immigrants. Moving to Canada can be a bit of a shock to some people, but the CIC is there to help. These topics are also often covered in the Immigration Direct Blog.
  • Canadian Relations. Canadians who want to help relatives immigrate can sponsor them through various CIC programs.
  • You can also check your application status online to track how well your application process is going.
  • Processing time estimates are available on the website and Immigration Direct regularly reports on these.
  • You can also pay your immigration fees online, otherwise you may have to pay at a Canadian bank.
  • Lists of the various CIC offices throughout the Canadian provinces and territories are available on CIC’s website as well as this blog.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the government body that controls immigration in Canada, but they can sometimes be a bit confusing in their explanations of document lists, applications and so forth.

At Immigration Direct, we pay attention to the concerns and questions of immigrants looking for answers on the web and we provide them.

When you’re ready to begin your journey to Permanent Residency and eventually citizenship in Canada, look no further than Immigration direct!