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Canadian Immigration Reaching Record Numbers?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada expects very large numbers of Permanent Residents to be added to Canada in 2013. The reason up to 265,000 people are being granted immigrant status in Canada is to help grow the nation’s economy.

Canada has historically had very large numbers of immigrants due to a variety of factors including large and unpopulated areas and the concept of multiculturalism being written into the constitution.

The announcement of these high immigration numbers announced by Minister Jason Kenney come after a few years of criticisms of the office for becoming more and more conservative in terms of immigration enforcement. However, it has become apparent that the CIC has no problem with letting immigrants into the country as long as they go about the process legally.

Large numbers of Canadian citizens had their statuses revoked this year when it was learned that they obtained immigration benefits fraudulently.

A majority of the immigrants coming into Canada in the upcoming year will be entering under the Canadian Experience Class. This program allows temporary visitors to Canada, otherwise known as non-immigrants, to transition to Permanent Resident status.

Permanent Resident status confers the right to live and work in Canada on a more or less permanent basis barring illegal activities. Permanent Residency is also required in order to become a citizen in Canada with all of the benefits that entails.

It is expected that the influx of immigrants to Canada will have beneficial and useful effects on the economy. This is because the particular class of immigrant that CIC will be accepting will have high quality educations and professions that can contribute to Canadian businesses.

Canada’s widespread and popularly accepted policy of multiculturalism is particularly useful to immigrants because cultural support systems already exist within the country. These communities aid in the transition process for immigrants from their original culture to Canadian society. The maintenance of immigrants’ original culture and traditions within Canada are encouraged as part of this policy.

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Incorrectly filed immigration requests can lead to rejected applications, extended wait times or at worse, accidental fraud. Committing immigration fraud may lead to a permanent immigration bar or at least several years of an immigration ban.

Permanent Residents enjoy a variety of benefits in Canada including protection under Canadian law and the right to live, work and study within Canada. Residents may also travel freely among the provinces and eventually apply for citizenship.

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