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Canada Permanent Resident Card

Canadian Government Considers Tighter Language Requirements for Immigrant Spouses

In keeping with its recent efforts to overhaul the country’s immigration system, the Canadian government may be considering stricter language requirements for immigrants’ spouses. While a final decision has yet to be reached, Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has raised the idea of stricter language requirements for immigrant spouses at consultation meetings with representatives of …

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Considering Immigration to Canada?

Canada is a very welcoming country for immigrants to come to. Not only are there many different pathways to immigration, but there are also many programs designed to help immigrants start their new lives in Canada. However, before you apply for immigration, familiarize yourself with how immigration works in Canada. What Is Immigration? Immigration is …

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Canada Immigration Urgent Processing

In some circumstances, people can ask for urgent processing in regards to their applications to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Generally, applicants will have to show that there is a good reason for why the applicant needs to have their application processed before others. These processes do not make the processing of the applications immediate, …

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Provincial Nominee Immigration

The Provincial Nominee program is one of the many immigration programs made available for permanent residency in Canada. This immigration program allows the individual provinces to select people to immigrate. If a province or territory recognizes it lacks one type of worker then it can help those workers immigrate to Canada. A person applies for …

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National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0

People whose skills sets match those outlined in the National Occupation Classification Skill Type 0 can often apply for immigration to Canada though several different kinds of programs. These programs grant Permanent Residency to qualified applicants. Permanent Residency is an immigration status that allows a foreign national to live and work within Canada indefinitely. Permanent …

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Common-Law Partners and Immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows Permanent Residents and citizens within the country to sponsor their spouses to become Permanent Residents. This family is generally called family based immigration and includes children as well. A question commonly asked is whether or not common-law partners or same-sex couples can immigrate in this category as well. Canada generally …

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