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Month: April 2013

What Is Form IMM 5444E?

Form IMM 5444E is the Application for a Permanent Resident Card for initial Application, Replacement or Renewal. A Permanent Resident Card is an immigration document in Canada, which is credit card sized so that it fits easily into your wallet, which is proof that the holder is a legal immigrant in Canada. Generally, this document …

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What is Form IMM 1436?

When you need to correct information on your immigration documents you need to use IMM 1436, Request to Amend Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent  Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents. Immigrants looking to file for any of the above documents should look for different forms. This document will allow you to change the following …

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Canadian Currency

After immigrating to a new place, such as Canada, it is important to become familiar with the local currency and the way that financial institutions operate. Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently released a guidebook for new permanent residents called Welcome to Canada and here we will discuss the currency system for the Dominion of Canada. …

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