Tracking Your Application

Immigration to Canada involves quite a bit of waiting, unfortunately. The reason for this is because Citizenship and Immigration Canada are very thorough and must examine every form they receive very closely.

CIC is very much dedicated to speeding up the immigration process, but there will still be processing times and sometimes waiting times. Regardless, Canada has one of the speediest immigration systems in the world.

After an immigrant’s application has been submitted for processing its progress can be checked and immigrants can even estimate the amount of time it will take to process the entire application.

Please note that processing and waiting times are not standardized for all of the various forms. Each form has its own estimated time of completion. Please see some of our other blogs on processing times for more specific estimates.

Processing TimesImmigration Wait Times

Processing times are estimates listed on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website that show the time it takes for an immigration office to process the majority of applications.

Because these are estimates, it does not always reflect the actual amount of time it will take to process your application. In some cases it may take longer and in others it may not take as much time.

Check Application Status

Applications that typically take longer to process, such as sponsorship applications, can be checked online at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site.

It is important to have a few pieces of information available to check the status of the application:

  • The birthdate and place of birth of the applicant
  • The surname that appears on the application
  • The identification number associated with the application
  • The number of the immigration document being used.


What Is Form IMM 5444E?

Form IMM 5444E is the Application for a Permanent Resident Card for initial Application, Replacement or Renewal.

A Permanent Resident Card is an immigration document in Canada, which is credit card sized so that it fits easily into your wallet, which is proof that the holder is a legal immigrant in Canada.

Generally, this document is used only when travelling or applying for social benefits and does not need to be carried on your person constantly if you are a Permanent Resident. Permanent Residency, once granted, is indefinite unless a condition of your permanent residency is violated, such as in the case of the committal of a crime.

You should keep your passport regularly updated as well as your Permanent Resident Card.

You can use this application if:

  • You just got your Permanent Resident status and wish to receive your Permanent Resident Card (PRC). If this is the case you will be applying for an initial PR Card.
  • Your Permanent Resident Card has been lost, stolen, damaged, mutilated or otherwise rendered unusable. If this is the case you will have to select, on the form, what happened to your PR Card and include it in the application package.
  • After a period of about five years, your Permanent Resident Card will expire. While it is not imminently important to have it replaced (you status does not expire, though the card does) it is still a good idea to have it renewed when it expires to ensure that you always have current documentation.

Form IMM 5444E costs $50 to file for any of the above reasons. Payments must be made before the application is submitted and the receipt from this transaction must be included in the application package.

What is Form IMM 1436?

When you need to correct information on your immigration documents you need to use IMM 1436, Request to Amend Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent  Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents.

Immigrants looking to file for any of the above documents should look for different forms.

This document will allow you to change the following information provided you supply sufficient evidence to show that it is true and correct:

  • Your name, last, first or middle,
  • Date or place of birth,
  • Country of citizenship,
  • Your sex (or gender),
  • Your date of landing or original landing,
  • Marriage information.

Keep in mind that this form is only used to correct information that Canadian immigration officials got wrong when you first applied for benefits in Canada.

If you have had your name or other information legally changed, that is another form and process altogether.

A Record of Landing is the document that you receive upon entry to Canada. It is effectively proof and recorded confirmation that you have indeed entered Canada in a legal fashion.

Confirmation of Permanent Residence is a document sent to Permanent Residents that shows that they are in legal status. This is not a PR Card.

Temporary Resident Documents vary in usage and can be simply proof that a particular person has the right to work or study in Canada at their will.

Remember, this form should only ever be filed if you discover that there is a mistake printed on one of the above documents.

Immigrant Services

CIC Puts Out Call for New Immigrant Programs

Resettling in a new country is always a struggle. Not only is there the challenge to learn a new language, but also acclimating to a new culture and new customs. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has put out a call for proposals for programs to help newcomers such as language and settlement services.

The CIC funds services and programs to help newcomers settle in every year and as we’re finishing out the last stretch of 2012, CIC is looking for a whole new batch of ‘em. And the best part? The amount of funding for these programs is nearly tripled for 2012-2013.

Anyone can submit proposals on the CIC e-submission page. The provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec are not included in the settlement services of CIC, but international and national proposals are welcome from all provinces.

Submit your proposal by September 7, 2012!

How to Submit a Proposal (CFP):

  1. 1. Complete CFP 2012 Application for Funding Form
  2. 2. Organizations must submit: (1)their constitution and bylaws; (2)most recent annual report with financial statements for the last two years; (3) a list of the Board of Directors and the name of the Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Director; and (4) a list of any financial partners and letters confirming their contributions.
  3. 3. Individuals must submit: (1) your curriculum vitae; (2) proof of citizenship or permanent residence; and (3) a list of any financial partners and letters confirming their contributions.
  4. 4. Submit your application online.