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CIC Puts Out Call for New Immigrant Programs

Resettling in a new country is always a struggle. Not only is there the challenge to learn a new language, but also acclimating to a new culture and new customs. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has put out a call for proposals for programs to help newcomers such as language and settlement services.

The CIC funds services and programs to help newcomers settle in every year and as we’re finishing out the last stretch of 2012, CIC is looking for a whole new batch of ‘em. And the best part? The amount of funding for these programs is nearly tripled for 2012-2013.

Anyone can submit proposals on the CIC e-submission page. The provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec are not included in the settlement services of CIC, but international and national proposals are welcome from all provinces.

Submit your proposal by September 7, 2012!

How to Submit a Proposal (CFP):

  1. 1. Complete CFP 2012 Application for Funding Form
  2. 2. Organizations must submit: (1)their constitution and bylaws; (2)most recent annual report with financial statements for the last two years; (3) a list of the Board of Directors and the name of the Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Director; and (4) a list of any financial partners and letters confirming their contributions.
  3. 3. Individuals must submit: (1) your curriculum vitae; (2) proof of citizenship or permanent residence; and (3) a list of any financial partners and letters confirming their contributions.
  4. 4. Submit your application online.

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