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Work and Study in Canada


International students studying in Canada are able to work on-campus and off-campus jobs. You can even get a post-grad work permit after your study has ended!

Work On-Campus

If you are a full time student at a Canadian university you don’t even need a work permit to work on-campus! All you need to work on-campus is:

  • A valid study permit;
  • Be enrolled in full-time study; and
  • Have a SIN number (Social Insurance Number).

Off-Campus Work Permit

Students who wish to work off-campus will need a work permit.

To be eligible for an off-campus work permit you need to:

  • Have a valid study permit;
  • Be enrolled in full-time study;
  • Have a SIN number (Social Insurance Number);
  • Have been a full-time student for at least six months in the last twelve months of your stay (these months do not have to be consecutive);
  • Have satisfactory academic standing; and
  • Have a signed form from the institution where you are studying that authorizes them to share you academic information with the CIC.

File form IMM 1249 Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay, or Remain in Canada to apply for your work permit.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

International students that have recently graduated from a Canadian university or other post-secondary institution are eligible to obtain a work permit that is valid for one year.

To be eligible for a post-grad work permit you need to:

  • Have a SIN number (Social Insurance Number);
  • Have studied full-time in the eight months prior to completing your program;
  • Have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution;
  • Apply within 90 days of receiving written confirmation from the post-secondary institution that you have completed your course of study and are eligible for graduation;
  • Have a job offer relevant to your course of study; and
  • Have a valid study permit at the time you are applying.

Apply online for a work permit with the MyCIC online service.


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