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What is Form IMM 1436?

When you need to correct information on your immigration documents you need to use IMM 1436, Request to Amend Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent  Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents.

Immigrants looking to file for any of the above documents should look for different forms.

This document will allow you to change the following information provided you supply sufficient evidence to show that it is true and correct:

  • Your name, last, first or middle,
  • Date or place of birth,
  • Country of citizenship,
  • Your sex (or gender),
  • Your date of landing or original landing,
  • Marriage information.

Keep in mind that this form is only used to correct information that Canadian immigration officials got wrong when you first applied for benefits in Canada.

If you have had your name or other information legally changed, that is another form and process altogether.

A Record of Landing is the document that you receive upon entry to Canada. It is effectively proof and recorded confirmation that you have indeed entered Canada in a legal fashion.

Confirmation of Permanent Residence is a document sent to Permanent Residents that shows that they are in legal status. This is not a PR Card.

Temporary Resident Documents vary in usage and can be simply proof that a particular person has the right to work or study in Canada at their will.

Remember, this form should only ever be filed if you discover that there is a mistake printed on one of the above documents.

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