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Tracking Your Application

Immigration to Canada involves quite a bit of waiting, unfortunately. The reason for this is because Citizenship and Immigration Canada are very thorough and must examine every form they receive very closely.

CIC is very much dedicated to speeding up the immigration process, but there will still be processing times and sometimes waiting times. Regardless, Canada has one of the speediest immigration systems in the world.

After an immigrant’s application has been submitted for processing its progress can be checked and immigrants can even estimate the amount of time it will take to process the entire application.

Please note that processing and waiting times are not standardized for all of the various forms. Each form has its own estimated time of completion. Please see some of our other blogs on processing times for more specific estimates.

Processing TimesImmigration Wait Times

Processing times are estimates listed on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website that show the time it takes for an immigration office to process the majority of applications.

Because these are estimates, it does not always reflect the actual amount of time it will take to process your application. In some cases it may take longer and in others it may not take as much time.

Check Application Status

Applications that typically take longer to process, such as sponsorship applications, can be checked online at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site.

It is important to have a few pieces of information available to check the status of the application:

  • The birthdate and place of birth of the applicant
  • The surname that appears on the application
  • The identification number associated with the application
  • The number of the immigration document being used.


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