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Applying for Immigration to Canada

Immigrants who wish to improve their chances of successfully applying for immigration to Canada should do well to follow some best practices put out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

All it takes is just one small mistake for the entire process to get delayed and stalled. It is worth your time to prepare for the process for a while before filing.

This blog should provide potential immigrants with some information that they will find helpful on their way to immigrating to Canada.

Filling Out Your Applicationimmigrating to Canada

Filling out an application is when you physically write in the answers to the questions presented on the form. Filing the application is the process of completing the application and giving it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for consideration.

When filling out the immigration form it is very important that you put an answer in every blank space. Even if you don’t have to answer the question, simply put “N/A” (which stands for “not applicable”) in the space to indicate that you don’t have to supply an answer.

If your answer is longer than the space provided, write it down on another sheet of paper, but please note which question you are answering next to the answer. Immigration Direct eliminates the need for you to make this notation.

Completing the Application

An application is considered complete and ready for submittal when all of the questions on the form have been answered and the required documents are collected with the application form.

When these two conditions are met, the application is ready to be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

After Submittal

After a complete application has been submitted to the CIC, an immigration officer will review the package for completeness and decide whether or not the application will be granted or passed on to the next step.

The next step in the process varies widely depending on what form you may be filing. Please browse our other blogs for more information on more specific forms.


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