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Services after Immigration

After you immigrate to Canada you can use the many government services available throughout the provinces.

Since Permanent Residents are allowed to stay in Canada more or less indefinitely, they have plenty of time and opportunity to use these services to their greatest advantage.

This of course goes beyond the more popularly known services such as universal health care. There are many government agencies that look to ensure that all residents of Canada are as successful as they can be.

Jobs Programs Immigrant working

Canada’s Economic Action Plan, a national initiative designed to bolster and improve the Canadian economy, has a program called Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs.

The idea behind this program is that there are skills shortages in Canada which can be filled by unemployed people in Canada if only they have the training for such a position.

By providing the training to people already in Canada, two goals can be accomplished: unemployment decreases and the skills gap closes.

Learning English or French

There are many organizations and institutions that can help immigrants (or people interested in further developing their language skills) learn English and French, but also many other languages.

These services are particularly useful to immigrants in Canada because in order to become a citizen, applicants must be able to show that they are competent in either English or French.

Some of these language organizations also provide official assessments which can be used to demonstrate one’s proficiency in English or French when they apply for citizenship.


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