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Month: September 2012

Ice Hockey, The Official Sport of Canada!

While Canada maintains very multicultural policies regarding their society, when you enter the country as a permanent resident you might want to consider participating in some of the cultural things that Canadians do. Becoming part of the community always makes the moving transition easier. Ice hockey happens to be extremely popular all over Canada and …

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Get to Know Canada

On your journey towards Canadian citizenship you’ll have to become familiar with the country. Here in this blog we’ll occasionally examine some of the things that you will need to know to become a fully integrated member of Canadian society. The questions below are taken from Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Discover Canada e-book, the document …

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New Canadian Visa Restrictions

Recently Citizenship and Immigration Canada has identified a few countries from southern Africa as being the source of disproportionately large numbers of fraudulent immigration applications. The primary violator is Namibia followed closely by Botswana and Swaziland. A majority of the visa applications from this country to Canada are for refugee visas, but it has been …

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Canadian Experience Class Permanent Residency

Canada happens to have a program that effectively retains foreign talent for their national workforce, an issue with which many countries struggle. The problem is that of course universities want to teach international students, it is advantageous for educational facilities to maintain an international profile, but once they are educated they may leave. The investment …

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