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File for IMM 5009

IMM 5009You may find yourself one day in need of some sort of documentation that verifies your presence in Canada and this is when you will need to apply for form IMM 5009 or an Application for a Verification of Status (VOS) or Replacement of an Immigration Document. There are a variety of reasons for which you may need to verify your status with this form. You may have misplaced another document related to your immigrant status in Canada or it may have been damaged, destroyed or stolen. For any of these reasons can help you file for IMM 5009.

Form IMM 5009 is composes of three sections. Section A includes your personal information relating to your biographical data. They will ask you to include your full name, passport number, your marital status, your mailing and residential address, a way to contact you either by phone or e-mail, and the date and place of your landing in Canada. Section B is simply your declaration of which document you need replaced. The list of documents includes Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing confirmation of Permanent Residence, Certificate of Departure, Visitor Record, Work Permit, Authorization to Return to Canada, a Study permit, Exclusion Order, Deportation Order, Departure Order or a Permit to come into or Remain in Canada also known as a Temporary Resident Permit. Part C of the form is only necessary if you entered Canada before 1973.

After you have filled out form IMM 5009 you must gather the required documentation to be included in your application. These documents are:

·         The Application for Verification of Status that you just completed,

·         The passport that you had when you entered Canada,

·         Your birth certificate,

·         Your Canadian citizenship certificate if you have one,

·         IMM 5401, Fee Payment Form,

·         Use of a Representative form if you used one,

·         Court documents if you were convicted of a crime and are not a Canadian citizen

After the documentation has been gathered you either pay the fees online or in person and submit your application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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