Applying for a Verification of Status (VOS)

A Verification of Status document can be used as proof of historical immigration information and will contain information that was included on any of the following immigration documents:

  • IMM 0056, Certificate of Departure
  • IMM 1000, Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing
  • IMM 5292 (or 5688) Confirmation of Permanent Residence
  • IMM 1097 (or 1442), Visitor Record
  • IMM 1102 (or 1442), Work Permit
  • IMM 1208 (or 1442), Study Permit
  • IMM 1214, Exclusion Order
  • IMM 1215, Deportation Order
  • IMM 5238, Departure Order
  • IMM 1263, Permit to Come Into or Remain in Canada
  • IMM 1203, Authorization to Return to Canada

Applying for a Replacement of an Immigration Document

Form IMM 5009 is the application to obtain a replacement of a Temporary Resident document that has been lost, stolen or destroyed. You may file to have the following documents replaced:

  • Visitor Record
  • Work Permit
  • Study Permit
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • Permit to Come Into or Remain in Canada

What is the IMM 5009 Application Process to obtain a Verification of Status or Replacement of an Immigration Document?

  1. Complete Section A "Personal Details". This section will ask you for personal information including your passport number and the date you entered Canada..
  2. Complete Section B "Documents Requested". Indicate if you are applying for a Verification of Status document of a replacement of a Temporary Resident Document. Indicate which particular document you are requesting.
  3. Complete Section C only if you entered Canada as a permanent resident before 1973
  4. Provide supporting documentation including copies of birth and marriage certificates.
  5. Pay the processing fee.
  6. Submit your application.