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Get to Know Canada

Button of the Canadian FlagOn your journey towards Canadian citizenship you’ll have to become familiar with the country. Here in this blog we’ll occasionally examine some of the things that you will need to know to become a fully integrated member of Canadian society. The questions below are taken from Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Discover Canada e-book, the document suggested for potential new citizens to study for the test.

What does the word Inuit mean?

The actual word “Inuit” means “people” and is the term that the Inuit people use to refer to themselves. The Inuit people are first nations (Native Americans in United States colloquial speech) people who live near and within the arctic as well as throughout Canada.

Who are the Metis?

The Metis are the population of Canadians who are descended from mixed first nations and European heritages. Compare to the Mestizo of Central and South America. There is a wide variety of nations from which these people are descended.

What are the provinces and Territories of Canada and what are their capitals?

Alberta (Province) Edmonton
British Colombia (Province) Victoria
New Brunswick (Province) Fredericton
Newfoundland and Labrador (Province) St. John’s
Northwest Territories (Territory) Yellowknife
Nova Scotia (Province) Halifax
Nunavut (Territory) Iqaluit
Ontario (Province) Toronto
Prince Edward Island (Province) Charlottetown
Quebec (Province) Quebec City
Saskatchewan (Province) Regina
Yukon (Territory) Whitehorse

What are two symbols of Canada?

There are lots of symbols of Canada, but you only need two so I’ll list a bunch of them so you have a better chance of remembering at least two. The maple leaf, moose, hockey, the Union Jack, the colours red and white and the crown which represents Canada’s status as a constitutional monarchy.

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