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Permanent Resident Card Wait Times

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The new average processing times for the Permanent Resident Card have been announced. New Permanent Resident cards will take 61 days to arrive. This is measured in calendar days, so, your new Permanent Resident Card should arrive in a little less than nine weeks, or a little more than two months. Replacing or renewing your Permanent Resident Card will take 88 calendar days, or approximately 12.5 weeks, or a few days more than three months.

Permanent Resident Cards are given to foreign nationals who live in Canada on a permanent basis, only leaving for short periods of time and eventually expected to become a citizen, however, this is not a requirement. Government forms can be difficult to understand and if they are filed incorrectly it may take even longer to receive your Permanent Resident Card than even the estimates above.

Immigration Direct assists people from all over the world with immigrating to Canada. Some of the services we offer include helping you apply for a Permanent Resident Card, renewing or replacing a PR Card, and even citizenship. Register with Immigration Direct today and become part of Canada’s cultural mosaic today!

Canada is considered one of the most developed and desirable countries in the world to live in. Recently there was a certain amount of scandal when certain immigrants, so desperate to gain citizenship in Canada were defrauding the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, Minister Kenney was quick to respond to these fraudsters and fittingly so considering that on the 2011 Corruption Perception Index Canada ranked 10th least corrupt. Canada is also extremely committed to the freedom of the press and in between the years 2011 and 2012 the Press Freedom Index ranked Canada 10th most free. These rankings laying at 10th might not seem so impressive, but imagine the context of the measurement. There are 193 member countries to the United Nations and these lists show Canada being 10th out of all of them.

Canada is truly a wonderful and free place to be. Immigrate with Immigration Direct today!

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