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Month: August 2013

Federal Skilled Worker Credentialing Organizations

Immigrants looking to become Federal Skilled Workers in Canada will need to demonstrate their suitability for the program before Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Two of the factors for suitability are for language and education. However, because there is no worldwide organization that standardizes all education, one’s knowledge must be assessed somehow. Citizenship and Immigration Canada …

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Selection Factors for Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is a Canadian immigration program that provides an opportunity for foreign residents to come into Canada to work. Additionally, the program grants accepted immigrants Permanent Resident Cards, proof of an invaluable immigration status. Permanent Residency allows immigrants the right to live and work in Canada and access to the country’s …

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Biometrics FAQ

During immigration to Canada, immigration officers may take biometric measurements of applicants during their meetings. Whether it is for Permanent Residency, a work permit or student permits, the process is quick, but still very necessary. Below are some facts about Biometrics: The word biometrics means the resulting profile of a person based on certain measurements …

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Common-Law Partners and Immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows Permanent Residents and citizens within the country to sponsor their spouses to become Permanent Residents. This family is generally called family based immigration and includes children as well. A question commonly asked is whether or not common-law partners or same-sex couples can immigrate in this category as well. Canada generally …

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Immigration and Police Certificates

The Visa Application Process When applying for Permanent Residency in Canada there are a number of documents that must be obtained by immigrants for their application. These documents show that the immigrant is eligible to immigrate to Canada and can show: Identity Relationship to Canadian Permanent Residents or Citizens Employment Financial stability Police records Translations …

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Travel and Permanent Resident Cards

The Canadian Permanent Resident Card is a necessary document for immigrants who wish to travel abroad from Canada. Canadian residents are of course allowed to travel abroad. However, it is important to follow certain rules in order to make the process of returning to Canada easier. Permanent Resident Card Immigrants are encouraged to maintain their …

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