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Selection Factors for Federal Skilled Worker Program

Permanent ResidentThe Federal Skilled Worker Program is a Canadian immigration program that provides an opportunity for foreign residents to come into Canada to work.

Additionally, the program grants accepted immigrants Permanent Resident Cards, proof of an invaluable immigration status.

Permanent Residency allows immigrants the right to live and work in Canada and access to the country’s national benefits such as health care.

When people apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, their qualifications undergo an evaluation that determines their suitability for the program.

Below are the categories by which applicants are examined:

  • Language skills—Federal Skilled Workers should be competent in either English or French for this program. The most points one can get from this category is 28.
  • Education—applicants should have an appropriate education for the position they will do in Canada. Between 0 and 25 points are awarded for this category.
  • Experience—an applicant’s experience in the field also contributes to their suitability for this visa type. A maximum of 15 point are awarded for this category.
  • Age—younger applicants are preferred over older applicants and a total of 12 points will be awarded for this category.
  • Established employment—if an applicant already has a job arranged in Canada that can help in getting their visa. A maximum of 10 points are awarded for this category.
  • Adaptability—this category is a somewhat subjective measure of how well the potential immigrant will be able to get along in Canada and only 10 points are assigned to this category.

For an applicant to be eligible for a FSWP visa, they must be able to receive at least 67 points from the above categories. As one can see, one could score rather low on a few of the categories and still be eligible if they score higher on the higher value categories.

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