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Temporary Resident Processing Times

processing timesProcessing times affect all immigration benefit applications in Canada whether or not one applies for them online.

However, online applications are processed much faster than paper applications as a matter of fact.

A processing time is the amount of time one has to wait from the time that the application is filed to when a decision is made by an immigration officer.

These estimates are heavily affected by a number of factors such as the number of people applying for an application, the number of people available to process the application, whether or not it is available online and so on.

It should also be understood that these dates are largely estimated. If, say, a visitor visa has a processing time of 107 days, 80% of applications are processed within 107 days. Therefore, a visitor visa application could be granted well before 107 days and it could also be granted (but slightly less likely) after the 107 days.

As of August 7, 2013, the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers is striking and this may negatively affect the processing times of all categories. This means that the processing times listed below may well become longer in the coming weeks or months.

Domestic Applications

Applications that have been filed within the Canadian border are considered domestic. The online application processing times are:

  • 56 days for a visitor visa
  • 28 days for a student visa
  • 21 days for a work permit for a student who wishes to work off campus
  • 30 days for a new work permit
  • 30 days for a work permit renewal
  • 26 days for a temporary resident visa


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