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New Federal Skilled Trades Program Begins

FSTPThe first of the new batch of immigrants coming into Canada on the Federal Skilled Trades Program have just begun to arrive in the country as of August, 16 of this year.

Chris Alexander, the new Minister of Citizenship and Immigration was at the border to welcome some of the new immigrants in Ontario.

Jason Kenney, the former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, still keeps an eye on immigration issues welcomed a Federal Skilled Trades Program immigrant in Calgary, Alberta as the new Employment and Social Development Minister.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program allows foreign residents with specific skills to apply for permanent residency in Canada working in their field.

Permanent Residency is the right to live and work in Canada indefinitely.

The program was created when it was identified that Canada had a skills gap for many trades.

There were simply not enough people in Canada who could do certain jobs. The idea was that the government could find people to do these jobs in other countries and them attract them to immigrate to Canada.

Many people are very interested in becoming permanent residents of Canada and this program is largely viewed as bound to be successful.

Not only does the program provide a convenient pathway into Canada for people who want to come to the country, but it also helps in the overall economy of the country and the provinces in which the workers will be primarily based.

After about three years of living in Canada full time, Permanent Residents can apply for citizenship provided they are competent in either English or French and are savvy of Canada’s history and government.


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