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Immigration and Police Certificates

police certificatesThe Visa Application Process

When applying for Permanent Residency in Canada there are a number of documents that must be obtained by immigrants for their application.

These documents show that the immigrant is eligible to immigrate to Canada and can show:

  • Identity
  • Relationship to Canadian Permanent Residents or Citizens
  • Employment
  • Financial stability
  • Police records
  • Translations

The immigrant officer in charge of a particular case will examine the relevant documents, the application and interview the applicant and then decide whether or not to grant a visa

When Are Police Certificates Necessary?

Police Certificates are documents that come from local law enforcement that list out the record of a particular person. This may include citations, arrests or records of imprisonment for a particular area.

Not all visa categories require that a police certificate be included in the application package, but many do and it is wise to examine the application instructions closely to determine whether or not certificates are necessary.

How to Get a Police Certificate

One gets a police certificate by applying for one with a local police department.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will likely request a police certificate from each place one has lived. There are some circumstances where an immigrant does not need to provide a police certificate from their time in Canada, such as if they are applying for:

  • Live-in caregiver status,
  • Temporary resident status
  • Family based visas provided the immigrant is a spouse or partner
  • Refugees or protected peoples

Translation Policy

As with all documents, if the official form is in a language other than English or French it must be translated.

Not only the original of the document and the translation be included, but an affidavit of accuracy should be filed as well, signed by the translator.

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