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What is Arranged Employment in Canada?

Arranged Employment in Canada

Arranged Employment is a way through which a foreign national may become eligible to obtain a permanent resident visa to enter Canada, through the Federal Skilled Worker program. A Canadian employer who offers a permanent job to a foreign national who wishes to immigrate to Canada, may do so by offering arranged employment under the Federal Skilled Worker program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) processes with high priority, the applications of applicants with a qualifying employment offer, based on the Federal Skilled Worker Program, where most applications are adjudicated within six months.

The employers who recruit foreign workers must provide them a qualifying job offer and must obtain an Arranged Employment Opinion. They also have an option to recruit foreign workers as Temporary foreign workers until they are granted permanent resident status in Canada. Moreover, CIC does not require the Canadian employers to offer jobs to the Canadian citizens or permanent residents before looking for workers from abroad.

If Recruiting a Foreign Worker Who is Abroad

If recruiting a foreign worker who is abroad, the job offer must be permanent and full-time, as job offers that are seasonal may not qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The employers must also pay the foreign workers on par with what is being paid to the Canadians working in similar jobs. Arranged Employment proves to be beneficial to the Canadian employers as they are able to attract international talents on permanent basis.

The employer who is offering the job must file an application for Arranged Employment Opinion with the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Once the application is verified and approved, the HRSDC will provide the employer with a confirmation letter. The Arranged Employment Opinion and the employment offer letter must be given to the foreign worker, which must be submitted along with his application for permanent residence in Canada.

If Recruiting a Temporary Foreign Worker Who is Already in Canada

A temporary foreign worker who is already working in Canada may submit his Federal Skilled Worker Application along with his qualifying employment offer to CIC. Such a foreign worker who is already working temporarily in Canada need not file a separate application to HRSDC for Arranged Employment Opinion. Arranged employment is possible when a foreign skilled worker is offered a full-time permanent job by a Canadian employer. The application for permanent residence in Canada, filed by a foreign skilled worker will also be expedited. A foreign national may easily qualify for permanent residence in Canada through Arranged Employment under the Federal Skilled Worker category of immigration.

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