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NEXUS – US Canada Border Crossing Pass

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NEXUS pass is a border crossing pass for expedited US Canada Border crossing. This card provides the predetermined, low-risk citizens from the United States and Canada, with expedited travel at the US Canada border. People who hold the NEXUS pass, may also use it as an air card while they fly to America or Canada. They can also use it at sea and land ports of entry. While they enter through the NEXUS lane, the waiting time for processing at the US Canada border, is significantly reduced. The NEXUS identification pass is valid for a period of 5 years.

The NEXUS program is a joint venture created by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in order to simplify border crossing for the citizens of both the countries and also enhances security.

Benefits of NEXUS

The reduction in the waiting time at the border, through the possession of the NEXUS card is its most important benefit. The NEXUS card holder may cross the border faster, even at peak periods of time. The NEXUS lanes are dedicated to expedite travel and to cut short long queue times. The border inspection times are also reduced through this service. The holders of the NEXUS card experience less stress while they travel with their children. The NEXUS card holders wait for a very lesser time at the border guard’s inspection booth and are asked fewer questions by the border agents.

Eligibility Requirements to get a NEXUS Card

Certain eligibility requirements must be satisfied by the applicants in order to get a NEXUS pass. The applicant must be admissible into both the countries and must abide by the admission requirements of both America and Canada. The applicant must be a citizen or a permanent resident of either one of these two countries and must have lived in America or in Canada for the past three consecutive years. They must undergo background security checks by making use of the American and Canadian law enforcement databanks. The applicant must not have any kind of criminal records and must not have violated the customs or the immigration laws.

Applying for NEXUS

The applicants have an option to apply using the online application and they may also choose to apply using the paper version of the form. If an application to obtain a NEXUS pass is made by mail, the application must be sent along with photocopies of identification documents such as passport and birth certificate. The applicant’s photograph, fingerprints and an iris scan will be taken at the time of the interview. The applicants who pass the initial security check will only be called for an interview, at the combined Canada-United States NEXUS enrollment center. The applicant’s eligibility may be determined in six to eight weeks.

If you are authorized to take part in NEXUS, you will be provided with a membership identification card. You can use this card while entering the United States or Canada, at all the designated NEXUS air, land and marine ports of entry. In order to become a member of NEXUS, your application must be approved by both Canada and the United States. Your application may be denied if you do not meet all the eligibility requirements.

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