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Canadian Immigration Fees

Whether you are applying for Permanent Resident Status or Canadian citizenship there are some nominal fees that must be paid to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The fees go to the governmental organization to maintain its infrastructure, pay government workers and to process your paperwork.

There are many other immigration forms, certificates, requests and proofs that you can apply for that require certain fees and Immigration Direct has compiled them from the CIC in this article for your reference. All dollar amounts are in Canadian dollars, check conversion rates for exact values.

  • The Right to Be a Citizenship is $100.
  • The Grant of Citizenship is $100.
  • Retention of Citizenship costs $100.
  • Resumption of Citizenship costs $100.
  • Renunciation of Citizenship is $100.
  • A Proof of Citizenship costs $75.
  • A Sponsorship Application for a Family Visa costs $75.
  • The Principal applicant of a Family Visa must pay $475, unless they are under 22 years of age, in which case they pay $75.
  • Family members who are being sponsored and are older than 22 pay $550, if they are under 22 they pay $150.
  • The Principal applicant of an Investor Class Visa must pay $1,050.
  • Family members of the Principal applicant of the Investor Class Visa pay $550 if they are over 22, $150 if they are under 22.
  • Principal applicants of all other immigration visas pay $550 per application.
  • Family members of the principal applicants of all other immigration visas pay $550 if they are older than 22, $150 if they are younger than 22.
  • Multiple entry Temporary Visas are $150.
  • Single entry Temporary Visas are $75.
  • If you need to get a visa to travel through Canada and the trip will take less than two days the visa is free.
  • Work permits are $150.
  • Study permits are $125.
  • Sponsorship applications to remain in Canada Permanent Residents are $75 per application.
  • Principal applicants to remain in Canada as Permanent Residents cost $475.
  • Family members of applicants who are petitioning to remain in Canada as Permanent Residents must pay $550 if they are over 22 years of age and $150 if they are younger.
  • Permit Holders Class fees for Applicants are $325.
  • To acquire Permanent Resident Status in Canada applicants must pay $490 unless they are dependents of the applicant or are protected (as in the case of refugee or asylee status.
  • To extend Temporary Resident Status the application processing fee is $75.
  • A Restoration of Temporary Resident Status Application cost $200.
  • To get a Permanent Resident Card you will need to pay a $50 fee.
  • To renew or replace a Permanent Resident Card the fee is also $50.
  • The fee to replace an immigration document is $30.
  • An Application for a travel document is $50.
  • For a determination of rehabilitation if your inadmissibility is based on criminality is $200.
  • For a determination of rehabilitation if your inadmissibility is based on severe criminality you will need to pay $1,000.
  • An authorization to return to Canada costs $400.
  • To apply for the repayment of removal expenses you will need to pay $750 if it is to the United States or St.Pierre and Miquelon, and $1,500 if it is to any other country.

All payments must be made to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and are separate from Immigration Direct’s service fees.

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