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How Long Does it Take to Get Citizenship after the Test?

Canadian Citizen

The amount of time that it takes to actually become a citizen of Canada after taking the test is somewhat variable, but in the case of routine applications it is relatively short.

Routine applications take approximately 25 months and generally you will be notified of the date of your citizenship ceremony shortly after completing the citizenship test.

However, if Citizenship and Immigration Canada decide that they need to further question you, you will probably have to wait longer.

Non-Routine Applications

An application is considered to be non-routine when Citizenship and Immigration Canada have to examine the paperwork and the application more closely.

This usually results in the applicant being asked to come in for a citizenship interview with a citizenship official or judge. A request for additional information may also be required in these cases.

In any case, CIC will notify you what you will need to do to proceed with your citizenship application. If you do not follow their instructions they might consider your application to be abandoned and you will be required to start over again.

Non-Routine applications can take up to and even exceeding 25 months.

Passing the Test

Passing the citizenship test is one of the most important parts of the citizenship application and most people need to take it.

The test is composed of two parts, the first being a language test where the immigration official will examine your ability in one of the official languages of Canada, English or French. They will also examine your official qualifications in the language of your choice.

The second part of the test is on knowledge of Canada. Applicants will be asked a series of questions about Canada’s history, government and culture.

If you pass both parts of the test you will then be given a date for the citizenship ceremony.

The Citizenship Oath

The last step for permanent residents becoming citizens is to take the citizenship oath at a citizenship ceremony. It is also at this ceremony where new citizens will be given their certificates.

The citizenship oath is a statement that a new citizen makes in public in front of a citizenship official or judge that affirms that they will remain loyal to the Dominion of Canada.

This oath does not preclude allegiance to other countries in some cases, leaving the option for dual citizenship open for some people.

During Citizenship Week, many Canadians choose to make the citizenship oath a second time (or even more) as a symbol of their commitment for Canada.

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