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Canadian Immigrant Nominee Program in Saskatchewan

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan has introduced certain changes to their Immigrant Nominee Program. This program would bring changes to the family, student and the entrepreneur categories. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) helps to speed up the immigration process to get permanent resident cards. Through this program Saskatchewan nominates applicants who are qualified under the provincially constituted norms, for Permanent Resident Status.

Under SINP, applications can be made under eight different categories, where the changes are brought about in three of its categories, family, student and entrepreneur categories.

Minister Rob Norris, who is the Saskatchewan’s Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister, announced that the family category nominees will be able to submit one petition per household until the primary applicant has settled with his family in the Canadian province. These changes would result in creating more justice in the Canadian immigration application process. According to the new change, the immediate family members can immigrate together. Previously, immigrants who settled in the Canadian province were able to apply for visas for unlimited family members, but the new change has also altered the process of bringing extended family members to the province.

Previously the applicants who wished to enter the province were not required to have a job offer but were required to intend to get a job, to get a visa but now the candidates who wish to enter the province will require a job offer, to get a visa.

This change in the Immigrant nominee program, requires the nominees to have a job offer, in order to reduce the stress. People who wish to bring the family members to the province do have a financial commitment. That increases more stress to support the family member while the new family member tries to settle in the province and find a job there. Hence, if the new family member has a job offer, that stress will be reduced, there by making the settlement process easier.

In addition to that, students graduating from a Canadian University outside the province must be employed in Saskatchewan for a year, before they apply for a visa in the Immigrant Nominee Program, where only six months of employment in the Canadian province was required previously.

Applicants who file a petition under the entrepreneur category will be required to provide evidence of their funds checked by an independent third party. The independent third party must be approved by the Canadian government. This verification must be done before the entrepreneur submits an application and before receiving a visa.

These changes are considered to be important as it aims at boosting the integrity of the Immigrant Nominee program. It also plans to increase the Saskatchewan immigration cap to 6,000 which is now 4.000. Processing of the applications submitted before the 2nd of May will follow the previous rules and the applications filed after 2nd May will be processed under the new rules.

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