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Photo Requirements for Renewing my PR Card

Photo Requirements for Renewing my PR CardIf you are renewing your PR Card, you will generally need to submit photos with your application.  Be sure to read the application guide and instructions, as they will contain information about photo requirements.

PR Card photos must be:

  • Original and not PhotoShopped or altered in any way.
  • Taken of you, not taken from a photograph.
  • Identical to each other; do not submit two different photos.
  • Identical and unaltered photographs.
  • Taken by a commercial photographer.
  • Clear and focused.
  • 2 inches (50 mm) wide and 2 ¾ inches (70 mm) high.
  • Centered so your face is in the middle and so that your face is no smaller than 1 ¼ inches (31 mm) and no larger than 1 7/16 inches (36 mm) from the crown of your head to your chin.
  • Posed so your mouth is closed and unsmiling and your eyes are open with a neutral facial expression.
  • Uniform in lighting, with no reflections, shadows, or glare.
  • Posed so you face the camera straight on.
  • Taken in front of a contrasting, white background with no ornament and no other objects in the frame.
  • Accurate, reflecting your normal skin tone and your regular appearance.
  • Professionally printed on high quality plain photographic paper. The photos cannot be printed at home.
  • Taken in the past six months.

Photos may be in colour or black and white. You cannot wear facial covering or tinted glasses in your photo and your photo cannot have red-eye glare. If you normally wear head coverings for medical or religious reasons, you can wear that covering. However, it must not produce a shadow on your face in the picture and must not cover your face. Exceptions may be made if you require a nasal cannula for medical reasons. If this is the case, make sure your eyes are visible and include a medical explanation with your application.

In addition, the back of one photo included with your application package must include:

  • Your date of birth and name.
  • The full address and name of the commercial photographer or studio who took the photo.
  • The date the photo was taken.

This information cannot be glued on with a sticker. The photographer must print this information or use a stamp.

You may have questions about submitting your photos and you may wonder whether the photos you have from a commercial photographer meet the requirements. Immigration Direct has resources to help you get clear answers about what is needed. Be sure to check out our free FAQs, too, as well as our kits, which include everything you need to apply for a new PR Card.

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Updated on 11th May 2018.

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