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Renew Your Permanent Resident Card: Payment and Mailing Options

After you have completed your Permanent Resident Card renewal application and gathered the relevant documents in your application package you are ready to pay the application fee and submit it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This particular step in the process is no more important than any other step, but it would be rather unfortunate if you were to get to this point and make an error after all of that effort.

The fee that you will need to pay to CIC for your new Permanent Resident Card is a flat $50 per person. If you pay too little your application will be returned and this will delay the process further, something that you should endeavor to avoid. If you pay too much the balance will simply be automatically refunded to you, however, there is no reason to pay too little or too much when it is so plainly stated.

There are two different ways for you to pay your fees to the CIC, either through a Canadian financial institution or online using Canada’s easy online payment system. Note: Canada’s online payment system only takes American Express, Mastercard or Visa. Paypal or debit cards are not accepted.

In order to pay your fees online you will need to have an internet browser, an active e-mail, a printer and a credit card. After you pay online you will have to print out the receipt, write in by hand certain information on the page and then attach it to your application as proof that you have paid the required fee or fees.

If you already live in Canada (likely considering you are renewing your PR Card) and you don’t want to pay online you can pay at a financial institution in Canada by printing out form IMM 5401, filling it out and giving the bottom copy to the financial institution upon your payment. Keep the top copy for your own records and be sure to attach the middle copy to your application as proof of your payment.

Now that your application is completed you may want to take some time to review your materials and ensure that you have all of your documents in order. It might even be a good idea to have someone else look over your application to try to find and correct any errors or to check if you have included all of the necessary documents.

Depending upon whether or not you will be mailing your application or sending it by courier you have two different addresses to use.

Case Processing Centre — PR Card
P.O. Box 10020
Sydney, NS B1P 7C1

For a mailed in application.

Case Processing Centre — PR Card
47- 49 Dorchester Street
Sydney, NS
B1P 5Z2

If you are sending your application through a courier.

If you need your application to be processed in a hurry because you are about to travel, include a copy of your travel ticket and write “Urgent, proof of travel included” below the mailing address.

After your application has been submitted you will either receive your new PR Card in the mail, receive an appointment to pick up your PR Card or your application will be returned to you.

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