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Physicians, Dentists and Veterinarians—NOC

Medical professionals, especially of such extensive education as doctors, are consistently in demand all over the world and you may be able to apply for immigration as a medical professional.

The National Occupation Classification provides standardized job descriptions to help people better understand whether or not they qualify for a job. This is particularly important when applying for immigration based on employment.

Specialist Physicians—3111

Specialist physicians are medical doctors or professionals who do research, surgery or clinical medicine and diagnose and treat very specific conditions in a variety of fields. Below are some of the fields covered by specialist physicians:

  • Pathologists,
  • Anesthetists,
  • Cardiologists,
  • Immunologists,
  • Allergists,
  • Dermatologists,
  • Radiologists,
  • Emergency Physicians,
  • Gastroenterologists,
  • Surgeons,
  • Geriaticians,
  • Hematologists,
  • Hematopathologist,
  • Microbiologist,
  • Nephrologist,
  • Neurologist,
  • Neuropathologist,
  • Neurosurgeon…et cetera

There are many different fields in which physicians may work aside from the above mentioned.

All physicians must complete the following educational requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a science.
  • Graduation from medical school and training in one’s specialty.
  • A certification from the Royal College of Physicians.
  • A certification from Surgeons of Canada.
  • A license from the province or territory in which you intend to immigrate.

Clinicians, laboratory specialists and surgeons all have additional requirements that must be met to be eligible for these positions.

General Practitioners and Family Physicians—3112

General Practitioners, often referred to as GPs, manage the continuous health of their patients and give referrals to specialists. Residents in training are also included in this job description.

GPs examine patients and diagnose many different illnesses (both physical and mental) and prescribe medicines and treatments. They also perform routine surgeries, give emergency medical care, vaccinations, deliveries, and report various events to local and governmental authorities. GPs also have a responsibility to advise and inform patients about diseases, illnesses and accident prevention.

Educational requirements include:

  • Graduation from a university bachelor’s program.
  • Graduation from medical school
  • Two or three years of residency.
  • Medical Council of Canada certification.
  • Provincial or territorial licensing.


This category is not only for dentists strictly, but medical professionals in the dentistry field, such as oral radiologists, orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists and endodontists.

Often these professionals are employed by hospitals, clinics or have their own private practices.

Educational requirements:

  • Graduation from a university level dentistry program.
  • Provincial or territorial licensing.
  • If you are a specialist you will have to be licensed in that field as well.


Veterinarians are responsible for the care and treatment of animals. Their responsibilities also include prescribing drugs and performing surgery on zoo animals, farm animals and even  pets.

Educational requirements:

  • Graduation from a university veterinarian medicine program (typically four or five years).
  • National certification in veterinary medicine.
  • Provincial or territorial licensing.

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