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Obtain a Work Permit – Undocumented Workers in Canada are Illegal Immigrants

The government of Canada every year welcomes thousands of people from different countries around the world, who come to this country to work, study or live there permanently. Such foreign nationals who seek to enter Canada must satisfy certain eligibility requirements. Irrespective of the purpose of their travel, they must undergo medical examinations and background security checks according to the Canadian immigration laws.

People who make an attempt to enter Canada without satisfying the eligibility requirements and people who do not undergo the required background checks may not be able to remain in Canada. They may be deported by the Border Services Agency of Canada, if they do not leave the country voluntarily. Such people who had entered the country illegally have an option to go back to their home countries and enter Canada legally.

Such immigration rules are designed in order to protect Canada and to ensure that everyone enters the country legally. Among the undocumented individuals who are found in Canada, a majority of them are undocumented workers. Such workers are found to have entered Canada illegally and they had not undergone security screening and the required medical examinations. Canada defines these undocumented workers as illegal immigrants.

Some Canadian employers hire undocumented immigrants due to labor shortages. The Canadian government has been working with its partners in the regional government and in private sectors to deal with labor shortages in Canada. Moreover, special offices are set up to enhance the immigration process for foreign employees. All types of businesses in Canada are allowed to hire foreign workers in order to meet labor shortages, but it has to be done legally. Anyone who evades the Canadian immigration laws will be removed from the country.

In order to recruit workers from abroad, the Canadian employers must establish that there are no Canadians or permanent residents with skills suitable for that particular vacancy. They must establish that the recruited foreign workers satisfy the eligibility requirements according to the Canadian immigration laws and must prove that recruiting foreign workers will not adversely affect the Canadian labor market.

If you are a foreign national and if you wish to work in Canada, you may require a work permit. Some categories of workers may not be required to obtain a work permit. Requirements and the processing times vary according to the kind of job for which you are recruited. In order to work in Canada, the employer who had recruited you must ascertain that you are eligible to work there. Your employer must obtain a labor market opinion, in order to confirm that your employer may hire a foreign worker for that particular vacancy.

If you seek to work in Canada, you must be eligible to enter into the country and to obtain a work permit. You may be required to apply for and obtain a temporary resident visa. A work permit allows you to work temporarily in Canada but it is not an immigration document that allows you to remain in Canada permanently. Foreign workers who qualify under a Canadian immigration category may be granted permanent resident status in Canada, if not they may work in Canada as temporary workers.


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