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The Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada This Year

The Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada This YearThose who want to enter Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Canadian Experience Class need to be able to enter the Express Entry pool, which is based in part on work experience, education, and valid job offers. You are more likely to get a job offer if you work in an industry currently eager to hire more workers.

Where the Work is in 2018

While jobs are available in many industries, early indicators find that in 2018 many of the hires will occur in these areas:

  • General labor. According to research from Randstad, general labor jobs will be the most in-demand in Canada in 2018. These jobs include general work with machinery, jobs fixing some items, unloading and loading work, and related employment.
  • Sales representatives. Employers rely on reps to sell their products. Everything from textbook companies to tech industries relies on these workers. Pay varies widely and may be linked to commissions, so strong communication and selling skills are needed.
  • Financial jobs. Accountants and other workers in the financial field will be in demand in 2018, according to forecasts.  CPAs and professionals with advanced degrees can especially expect to prosper in the 2018 job market.
  • Technology jobs. Coders and other tech professionals continue to be in high demand in Canada. This job is often reliant on advanced degrees and education as well as updated skills which allow employees to work with the latest technologies.
  • Administrative assistants and project managers. While many thought the increasing role of technology would edge these jobs out of the market, the opposite is true. Project managers manage teams and ensure projects stay organized, on schedule, and on budget. Administrative assistants are also support staff who today are expected to have advanced tech skills, communication ability, and even accounting skills. Being able to show a range of skills in these positions continues to be the key to success.
  • Registered nurses and healthcare professionals. Canada is currently experiencing a doctor shortage, meaning there is an interest in hiring registered nurses and other professionals in this field. In addition, many current healthcare workers are reaching retirement age at the same time as the Canadian population ages, meaning there is more pressure on the health system and more impetus to hire medical workers. For registered nurses alone, there are 139,700 job openings.

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Updated on 5th June 2018.

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