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Immigration in Canada Contributes to High Education Numbers, New Research Shows

Immigration in Canada Contributes to High Education Numbers, New Research ShowsCanada is considered one of the most-educated nations, with more than half of residents having a college or university degree. The number of people with an undergraduate or graduate degree has grown by more than ten percent in the past ten years. At least one study has found that Canadians are even more educated, with more than 60% of Canadians have at least some postsecondary education.

Part of the reason for Canada’s highly educated workforce may have to do with immigration. Immigration applicants to Canada often have to prove education attainments to get permanent residency. While higher education is not an immigration requirement, some programs, such as the Express Entry system, offer incentives and better chances for applicants who have at least one or more degrees.

Immigrant Children with College Degrees

New research shows that immigrants may be contributing to Canada’s highly-educated workforce in other ways, too. A report published by the Immigration Department shows that while 24% of children born to Canadians have university degrees, 36% of children born to immigrants have a higher education. China and India lead this trend, with more than half of children born to immigrants from these countries securing a university degree. In addition, 30-37% of children born to parents from Western European countries go on to pursue at least one degree

Authors of the Immigration Department report postulate that cultural expectations may play a role in this phenomenon. Immigrants may wish for their children to have more opportunities and may prize higher education as one way to achieve success. Income does not appear to play a role in education decisions. Even immigrant families who face economic challenges are more likely to send their children to college, bolstering the idea that cultural expectations play a large role in this education trend.

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